Art 4000 fountain pen

Product no.: 0004-0006 (Model: Fountain Pen)

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Messmer Art 4000. Messmer is producing all the pens in Germany. They are great quality with modern design. Pen types: Roller ball, Ballpoint pen, Pencil, Multi Pen, Pocket Pen

  • clear and slim design
  • high quality, robust and anodized aluminium, scratch- and shockproof, also used in aeroplane lightweight construction
  • striking design grooves
  • extreme low weight, therefore perfect for shirt or jacket
  • design rings at grip section take care of slip resistance
  • awarded with the international design prizes „Red Dot“ and „IF“
  • the only rollerball which is placed in the shirt with cap showing downwards
  • pocket-pen – to be extended, „wow“-effect
  • multi-pen, multi-function pen with vision mechanics, wearless pendular mechanism, 3 functions: ballpoint pen, pencil, fluo
  • when writing for the first time the fountain pen starts to write after 27 seconds
Product variations
Multi-pen sininen
Model: Multi-pen sininen
48.20 €
Rollerball Pen sininen
Model: Rollerball Pen sininen
28.70 €
Ballpoint Pen sininen
Model: Ballpoint Pen sininen
25.80 €
Fountain Pen sininen
Model: Fountain Pen sininen
37.80 €
Model: Pencil
25.80 €
Ballpoint Pen
Model: Ballpoint Pen
25.80 €
Model: Multi-pen
48.20 €
Pocket Pen
Model: Pocket Pen
45.20 €
Rollerball Pen
Model: Rollerball Pen
28.70 €
Fountain Pen
Model: Fountain Pen
37.80 €


Product Note Status Price
Messmer Multipen Refill Kit Set Messmer Multipen Refill Kit Set
10.90 €
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