J. Harvest & Frost White Bow

Product no.: J. Harvest & Frost White Bow

The new J. Harvest & Frost White Bow catalogue is available here. In the catalogue you can find high-quality shirts which are tailored just for you!

In producing these brand shirts, especial attention is payed to quality and in what kind of circumstances these shirts are used. 

J. Harvest & Frost - shirts need to look and feel good during the whole working day. J. Harvest & Frost- shirt brand has been born from the ambition to design more affordable products of top quality which can be used at work and on free time. The aim of the brand is to offer well made, affordable clothes made of good quality which are finalized with stylish details. We want you to feel that you get more than you expect when using J.Harvest & Frost clothes.

Material: JHF- super cotton. This cotton is an important  part of producing these shirts.

Details: J. Harvest & Frost pays especiala ttention to details, because they tell a lot of the quality. These shirts are flexible and thus fit well. All seams, buttons and effect colors are details that tell about the good quality.

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