Mini Luna Quartet with lunar stone set

Product no.: 060-M

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Aurora Mini Luna Quartet with lunar Stone pen set (060-M) has been made numbered and limited productions only 750 pcs. The material used to make the Mini Luna collection is white marble resin with chrome finishes. A moon symbol is engraved on the clip and number engraved on the head.

Aurora presented Luna Aurea Minima to celebrate the anniversary of a significant event, which has left a trace in the history of mankind: the moon landing. Over forty years ago, on July 20th 1969, Neil Armstrong, the American astronaut, took the first human moonwalk under amazed and passionate eyes of millions of TV public all over the world!

The line is sold out from factory. The number 147 available with fountainpen (056-M), roller 058-M), ballpoint pen (057-M) and sketch pen (059-M) in gift box. 

Aurora has been able to combine Italian craftsmen, modern design and the most advanced technology and at the same time brought together high-quality, sophistication and grace to work in Italy.

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