Flower reflector by Saara Renvall

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KUKKA is reflective jewellery that combines both aesthetics and function. KUKKA is designed for You to be seen! It is strikingly beautiful and yet so practical. Accessorise your clothes, hats, bags and even dog collars with this fabulous KUKKA design.  Reflector has a black cartoon giftbox.

KUKKA is designed by Saara Renvall and it is made in Finland. Please note that even KUKKA is reflective jewellery it is not reflector with CE-certification.

Materials: KUKKA's leaves are made from reflective film, it's heart and fastening clasp are stainless steel.

Size: diameter 80mm, weight 8g

Method of care: Clean with damp cloth, do not launder. Keep in mind, that KUKKA is a piece of jewellery. Try to avoid bending leaves of KUKKA. This might break the reflective film. If your KUKKA needs reshaping, warm it up first gently with hairdryer and then carefully adjust the leaves. KUKKA is Finnish and means flower. The product in different colour  is available by order.


Product number: 300H

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