Demonstrator sketch in red auroloide, chrome trims and a gift package

Product no.: 572-RAR

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An Italian pen manufacturer Aurora's Demonstrator red auroloide sketch pen 572-RAR in transparent resin and with chrome trims. Comes in a gift package.

Optima Demonstrator is synonymous of design and cure of the detail. With body and cap in transparent resin, the new limited and numbered collection of Aurora sends back to ethereal suggestions evoking the preciousness of the crystal and the purity of the ice. A peculiar name coming from the materials and the colors: the transparency of the resin expresses its spirit, result of perfect synthesis between technology and preciousness that makes the new Demonstrator an example of excellence in the panorama of the Made in Italy.

Aurora has been able to combine Italian craftsmen, modern design and the most advanced technology and at the same time brought together high-quality, sophistication and grace to work in Italy.

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